what's your story?

Oprah Winfrey says: "Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have." 

She's right.

Speaking your truth is powerful, liberating and transformative.

Have you spoken your truth? It can feel awkward, at first.

The best way to get people to listen and engage with your truth is to structure your narrative like a great story. You know who tells great stories? Shakespeare. And all his stories have a core structure: situation, climax, and resolve. 

Let's try it! In the space below, try composing your truth in a compelling story. We love hearing your stories, and we'll keep yours private, until you're ready to share it. If you do want to share, we're working on a Speaking My Truth series via our Newsletter and Instagram, so stay tuned. 

Speaking your truth

Let's get started. Start by telling us who you are and how you got to be where you are right now through the 6 C’s: Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conflict, Confidence, and Clarity. Circumstances: set the scene and give us (your listeners) context. Incorporate curiosity: leave us wanting more, asking, "and then???" Share other characters, and make your story relatable and communal. And we all want to know: what did you overcome? What were your challenges, failures, or hurdles? Conflict and your confidence to find resolution is the core of your story, and the core of speaking your truth. 

Most importantly, as you sketch through your own narrative, plumb your life for an encapsulating purpose. Why did you do what you did? Why do you want to transform your life and how? It should be simple and relatable and authentic. We want the real story, the good and bad and beautiful twisting path of your life. Try it! Start sketching, and don't be afraid if it feels messy and imperfect, that usually means it's good! We'll read as witnesses, not editors. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, let us know or book a pow-wow. We can help you.

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