The Side Hustle Startup Package

Clarity, Action, Launch

Clarify your ideas, solidify resources, develop an action plan to get you ready to launch

Is this the right fit for you?

❖  Over the course of 5 sessions, you want to be in a position to move from planning to action.

❖  You require structured accountability, experienced support, and in-depth problem solving.

❖  You want to escape information overload, cut to the chase, and not waste your valuable time inventing the wheel.

❖  You want a personalized game plan that you can put into action immediately.

❖  You’re motivated and committed to launch or grow your side hustle so that it’s efficient and profitable.

❖  You demand an integrated work-life.

❖  Maybe you’re not ready to quit your 9-5 yet (or ever), but want to establish the foundation for a successful business, so you can make some real money.

❖  You crave a sense of purpose and the satisfaction of living your best life, while having a positive impact on those around you.

This 5 session holistic business development package offers clarity, action, and a “go” button:

➢  You’ll create the ultimate rolodex of contacts, a network of allies who will become your business development army, personal support team, cheerleaders, fans, and crowd-funders as you build a business that offers you time, money, and self-worth.

➢  You’ll be able to speak the truth of your brand in a way that is believable, genuine and engaging.

➢  You’ll develop a dynamic, lean and holistic business plan.

➢  You’ll have the tools to create a beautiful and effective pitch deck.

➢  You’ll get our ongoing support and problem solving to keep you focused and on-target.

➢  You’ll get frequent encouragement, reminders, badgering and accountability from us so that you will be in a position to launch your business upon completion.


Five (5) 50-minute Private Coaching Sessions via Zoom (usually twice per month): We will give you strategic support and guide you through the process of building a successful foundation for your hustle. Together, we’ll systematically review the steps you have taken, analyze new information you have gathered, and set forth new goals for the upcoming week. Step by step, we’ll walk alongside you, and most importantly, keep you to task, as you create your own Integrated Hustle.

One (1) SOS Calls: You have one 30-minute SOS call, so that you have extra support in case of a special situation or circumstance.

Unlimited Email Support : During the entire three months, you have unlimited access to us via email and text for questions so that you are never alone!

Keys to the Virtual Library of Networking Prowess : As our client, you’ll have access to our virtual library of templates and videos for finding your target audience, crafting a networking email, and how to compose follow-ups without being annoying. Never Google “how to draft a networking email” again.

Inspiration and Information : We geek out hard, and want you to do the same to stay engaged and excited throughout this process. We provide you with access to tons of resources, informational and inspirational alike. Think modern, ideation-based business plans, pitch desks, customized podcast playlists, links to articles and books that support exactly where you are in this process.

Bespoke Integration : Enjoy life and work. We’ll empower you to create a realistic work-life integration. We’ll provide concrete steps to take and strategies for common triggers so that you can stay resilient, strong and ready to finally make the lasting changes you desire.

Metrics and Success : Together, we’ll define the foundational building blocks you want to establish, and use these as benchmarks throughout our work together. When we’re done you will have a strong base and clear targets for leadership and action. You will be armed with knowledge and confidence that comes with new insights and lived experience.

Your Integrated Hustle : The foundation of your future life. You will walk away with a clear understanding of the building blocks for your business. You will experience the accomplishment of transforming your dream into a real project. You will be empowered to efficiently gather the information you need to keep moving forward, and the tools to continue to do so. At the conclusion of our work, you will clearly know where you want to go and you’ll be ready to harness the momentum we’ve built to make changes and live your best life.

Total value : $900 in a single payment or $300 per month for a total of three months.

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