The Dinner Series at La Vara

The Dinner Series at La Vara


Intimate dinner series at La Vara on June 3rd at 8:30pm.

Join Ami Watkin and Laena Mira McCarthy for this intimate dinner with other creative women entrepreneurs. We’ll connect over delicious food, and discuss navigating growth and finding balance at women in leadership positions. These dinners are designed to create great, authentic conversations amongst truly amazing and inspiring women, and hosted at fantastic women-owned restaurants, like La Vara.

The dinner is $75 for a family-style meal of small plates, and does not include booze (to respect those abstaining), but we’ll have wine (on us) for those that are off the wagon.

Here’s the amazing menu, curated for us by the owner Alex Raij, a creative woman entrepreneur up for a 2019 James Beard Outstanding Restaurateur award:

  • Fried artichokes with anchovy aioli

  • Crispy eggplant with honey and melted cheese

  • Persian cucumber and local grain salad with fresh herbs

  • Chorizo migas with rosemary seared grapes and pastured egg Lamb meatballs with minted yogurt

  • Valencia-style noodle paella with shellfish

  • Slow roasted suckling pig with chimichurri & rose petal-quince sauce

  • And for dessert, Galician almond torte with drunken cherries

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