September Startup Huddle: Let's Get Going

September Startup Huddle: Let's Get Going


Join us for four live, virtual sessions — every Wednesday in September at 8:30pm.

Do you feel like if you could just get that *one thing* done, then you'd be positioned to start or develop your side hustle even further? Are you having a hard time tackling your to-do list, because it keeps shifting and changing? Does it feel overwhelming to pull the trigger?

Huddle with us.

If those questions are striking a nerve, join us for 4 weeks of virtual, small-group sessions specifically designed to help you accomplish a discrete goal related to your side hustle. This class is just for folks who took my class, “Do What You Love” at the Brookyn Brainery, so everyone is in a similar place as you.

Beginning on September 4th, Laena will offer four weeks of group coaching to 10 people who want to explore and tackle a specific action item to bring their business plan closer to reality. Join us in this intimate community to share your goals, harness the energy of the group and take action to move one step closer to your big vision for the future. 

In each live, virtual session, we will facilitate guided discussion to help every participant identify clear goals and craft an action plan to execute before the next session. These sessions are conducted via Zoom, so they are convenient and offer real connection via live video.

In addition, we'll share resources to keep you grounded and clear, subscribing to the truth that we cultivate the areas in our life on which we focus our intentions.

Let’s get going, together.

See what other huddlers had to say:

“I gained more clarity around the who, what, and where of my business (the nuts and bolts) and how to reach my audience .”
-Michelle Gage, Hela Wellness

“I was able to really iterate on the plan that I was taking for my business.”
-Michael Krulwich, Beverage Entrepreneur

[Note: this Huddle meets virtually via a Zoom video chat, every Wednesday in September at 8:30pm.]

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