THIS IS not a definitive list, as no products are ever fully toxin-free (just like "clean" is a useless goal since it implies some unattainable perfection).

But if you’re trying to remove the rubbish in your life, you do what you can. Less is more, and less mess leaves more room for the good stuff in your life. here are some of our favorite things:




  • Laena's skincare line for Anarchy in a Jar, of course. 
  • Ursa Major (Laena loves this Vermont company, plus it’s very gender neutral)
  • Kiss My Face (Laena love their aluminum and paraben-free spray deodorant)
  • Osmia Organics (Ami loves their lavender deoderant. It works, even through sweaty workouts, and smells amazing.)
  • Mountain Rose Herbs oils (rosehip seed, jojoba, castor, etc)
  • Dr. Bronner’s Soap (Laena and Ami use this as a base for so many cleaning products!)
  • Peet Rivko (Ami's friend Johanna started this company. Gender neutral. Unscented. Hypoallergenic. Their face wash and oil was a game changer.)
  • La Roche Posay Sunscreen (Ami thinks this.is.the.best. It's French, which means it's more heavily regulated than products in the US. Available at places like Target and CVS, one little bottle will last the whole summer for your face, and it's light enough to wear under makeup. The tinted version acts as a nice little base layer.)
Laena McCarthy