Meet Your Future Self

Hey! It's the future here, and you are living your best life.

In this exercise, complete these brainstorming actions to find out why you're so fulfilled and empowered in 2024. 

At times, we all feel afraid, stressed, anxious, stuck, blocked, confused. That’s our natural response to the hard stuff of life. Everybody questions their decisions regarding the core aspects of our life, such as career, life partners, projects, dreams, health, relationships, family, finances, and all the other Big elements of our lives. 

This exercise allows you to connect with your Future Self, so you can move forward, make plans, set goals based on what you really want your life to look like, understand the right next steps, and experience a higher purpose and a deeper sense of knowing. 

Example: if your future self is on a beach in Mexico with a margarita at 2pm on a Tuesday, every Tuesday, then you'll need to figure out how to streamline and focus your career moves so you can work remotely, less and more efficiently. 

Laena McCarthy