Who are you?


The other day during a coaching session my coach asked me a question that made me laugh and then she said, There you are! That's the real you!

Another friend sent an email last week asking her community, who would you be if you weren't a lawyer? Let me tell you that's a question I've wrestled with plenty.

And then yesterday, I listened to Glennon Doyle's book, Carry On, Warrior and she shared that she is shameless. Almost to the point that she's a bit ashamed about her shamelessness. But nope! No shame in her game. She made a commitment to be unabashedly herself - messy past, mistakes, learning experiences and all.

So since then, I've been wondering - what happens when we commit to being our realest, messiest, most integrated and whole selves all of the time? What freedom comes with that choice? What new opportunities might arise?

It all starts with a simple question: who am I? For that matter, who are you!?

To each of you who goes about your daily routine but who thinks, I'm more than just a mom/dad/brother/sister/hustler/beach-lover/ski bum/wave-chaser/hipster/fashionista/business-owner/influencer/____(you fill this one in)_____ - who are you, really?

If that question stumps you - send me an email - I'll shoot you back some questions that might help unearth a thing or two.

Until then, I’ll keep striving towards being the truest messiest most untethered yet most integrated most hopeful and most shameless version of me in this moment, a la Glennon
(aka, Ami)

*Click here to check out Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle - I highly recommend the audio version, it was a delight and I may even go so far as to say it made driving down the New Jersey Turnpike a positively enjoyable experience.

Ami Watkin