A Meditation for Cultivating Connection

How do we foster real, authentic connection? Specifically the kind of relationships -- across the spectrum of work-life -- that support and guide us on our path, over hurdles and around obstruction? The answer is not necessarily what you would think. It's cultivating a deeper, more intuitive relationship with yourself.

How do you do that? One really good way is with meditation, taking a few minutes every day to practice focusing, and traversing the inner realm of your present self. There are 0 negative side-effects of meditation. In fact, the most common side-effect is mindfulness. Mindfulness is to be fully present in the present moment, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and able to react with intuitive calm to what’s going on around us.

Here's a guided meditation to connect and focus, to help you connect to your truest, life-long commitment to yourself. Choose a quiet spot and settle in for a guided meditation.

Laena McCarthy