Guess what: you may not wear a cape, but you sure as hell have a superpower.

I know what my big ones are (networking, copy editing, teaching and connecting) and I'm continuing to discover new ones in myself all the time!

Laena is a super duper researcher, really good at quick execution and excels in mediating unchartered entrepreneurial waters. 

So, how do you find your superpower? You begin by diving deep on the truth of what you really love to do and do with ease. 

STEP 1: Pick up a pen. Write down all the things that you have done with any sort of regularity that have gotten you where you are today. 

  • What resources have you used to make changes from meh jobs to better jobs?

  • To find a new apartment?

  • To move somewhere totally new?

  • To find love?

  • To ace the test?

  • To make new friends? 

You catching my drift here? We’re talking about all that you do, not just the skills you use in your current 9 to 5. We’re integrating your hustle!

After all that brainstorming, take a step back.

What skills have you identified in yourself that just feel easy to you? What felt hard? (Hint: we like things that are easy.)

STEP 2: Still feeling lost or unsure? Here's the fun part. Email your friends, your parents, your mentors who love you, your coworkers who think you are awesome (former coworkers if that feels safer), and ask them: What do you think are my top 3 strengths? 

Try not to attach emotion to this, just curiosity. Even if you just get one response, that feedback  will help you dig deeper. And don’t forget to mind your manners and say thanks when your tribe holds a mirror up to your awesomeness!

The secret is this: superpowers are the things we often take for granted in ourselves. The things we do so easily we don't even think about them. Imagine if everything could feel that easy.

Hit reply and let us know if you have a breakthrough while you're washing your hair (which is when I always have my best ideas) or maybe just when you're walking down the street. 

In superpowers and the hustle we trust!


*Also*! Tell us in the comments what your cape would look like and what would be emblazoned on it! And for the record, if I wore a cape it would probably be red and black and involve matching smokey black eyeliner, because long live the 90s! Oh, and the neon red inscription would read “The Connector Queen”.

Laena McCarthy