It’s safe to say that on the East Coast, we’ve all been melting. I’ve had one of those weeks where I’ve had the great luxury of having a bit more free time than I expected. Pair that with a borrowed car - BOOM! The beach beckons me. Action plans go out the window. Hell or high water I’m getting to the ocean.

In instances like that, even after I make the choice to head to the nearest body of salt water, I have a hard time disconnecting.

Shouldn’t I be revising that agreement? 

Shouldn’t I be researching effective coaching strategies? 

Shouldn’t I be *doing* something else? Acting?

And yet - yesterday, as I read my book, I was reminded of something important: choosing a fulfilling life is a radical act.

In the past year, as I’ve created a life that makes it possible to hit the road and go to the ocean on a Tuesday, I have become a radical actor. A zillion small actions created that space, which in fact was the goal: to give myself time and the gift of inaction.

Of course, in my three blissful beachside hours I came up with a mental to-do list of fun ideas. New avenues to pursue. New approaches to use in this fledgling business of ours.

My inaction led to new action items. 

And more importantly, my ongoing quest to create a life that is fulfilling to me, by my standards and according to my values is itself an action. A pretty damn radical one.

And guess what? If you've read this far, you’re pretty radical too. The very act of chasing a life that fulfills you, in whatever way makes sense to you and you alone, is one you should be proud of.

Enjoy your day of inaction. I hope that today is filled with cold beverages, watermelon, lightning bugs and fireworks, and maybe even a new action item that might come when you slow down and enjoy yourself. 

Let’s get radical. And then, let’s hustle.


Laena McCarthy