This week has been a brutal one on the news front. On the heart front. And on the other hand, an inspiring one on the compassion front. On the humanity front. On the goodness that can rise up in miserable moments. More thoughts on that in number 5 below, but for those of you looking for prompts for a few moments of contemplation or consideration, here we go:

  1. Starting with the good - the one and only - Paul McCartney! This has nothing to do with defining your strengths or articulating your goals. Click. Enjoy. Smile. Sing along. And imagine what you would have done if you'd been in that pub (!!!).

  2. Did you know that living abroad can help you have a clearer sense of self? (*grabs passport and runs to JFK*). I've loved my time spent abroad, and thought this article was fascinating. Has living abroad changed how you view yourself in the world?

  3. Do you suffer from one of these 5 misconceptions about networking? Networking is one of my favorite things, and I thought these all rang very true, especially Misconception #2. Let me know what you think!

  4. The hilarious Tiffany Haddish keeps rewearing this amazing dress, and I love everything about it. This is about treasuring beauty and taking care and pride in things that are hard-earned, be it gifting yourself a day off, a dinner with a friend, or maybe even a beautiful item of clothing or art that you will treasure. What thing or experience did you work hard for, give yourself, and feel really proud about? Wish we saw more of this attitude in public figures.

  5. I know from personal experience in representing an asylum-seeker how challenging the legal process will be for the families and children currently detained - it's a long, complex and protracted process that requires a LOT of legal support. There are worthy organizations with boots on the ground doing major work right now - two of them are the Texas Civil Rights Project and RAíCES, should you be looking for a worthy recipient of your time or dollars.

  6. *NY Bonus!* - For those of you who are in NYC and looking for a place to sweat and dance out some frustration - this is the most fun hour-long daytime dance party/exercise class I've ever been to. I've only been to two so far and have already vowed to never miss it again. Tomorrow, June 23rd. Williamsburg. 12pm. Be there.

Have an integrated weekend, friends. Then let's hustle.


Laena McCarthy