I was having coffee with a new friend and one topic that we kept coming back to was fear. Fear as an obstacle. Fear as a catalyst.

When I quit my job in big law just over a year ago, everyone said to me, “Ami, you’re so brave.” I’d reply, “Thanks! We’ll see how it goes!” A more honest response would have been something akin to, “Thanks! In truth, it is much scarier to me to stay here than to try something new.”

For me, fear of the known far outweighed fear of the unknown. I’d had great success, and yet I still knew in my bones that it was time to try something new.

And here’s the secret that no one tells you about being brave in these types of moments: nothing momentous happens after them! That big, unknown, amorphous fear or reaction that you are expecting and you can’t even really articulate what it is or why it will happen? Those things don’t usually happen!

I had my *BIG MOMENT* when I gave notice, and then life continued on! Deals kept happening. I got up and went to work the next day. The earth kept turning. And here’s the other secret about those big scary moments: they get easier.

During her interview on the podcast, “How I Built This,” Cathy Hughes, the founder of Radio One, said something that I found so compelling I immediately rewound the tape, listened again and wrote it down: "Brazenness and faith in your ability and maintenance of your enthusiasm is an acquired skill. If you remain optimistic, cheerful and committed to your goal, there is nothing that can stop you."

Imagine what could happen if you did one brazen thing today? I bet you a dollar that you’ll be surprised about how possible it is, and feel empowered to make your next big move.

Because we know that you’re brave. And if you practice letting go of the fear, you can be even braver.

Without further ado, LET’S HUSTLE,

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Laena McCarthy