Coaching packages 2019

We help you take action and hold you accountable. 

This is like therapy, but for my work.
— numerous clients

Are you looking to start a side hustle? Launch a new business but need help with the nitty gritty (or have no idea where to start)? Are you navigating through the pain points of growth? Hustling your way through a Seed Round or overwhelmed with workflow during a Series C? We can help you.

Over time, we’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t — and we offer our business clients a personalized package of techniques, resources and training. We guide you through the sticky process of making an entrepreneurial leap — whether that means navigating you through the weeds of getting started or helping you grow your business into a successful enterprise.

We help aspiring or current entrepreneurs establish a strong and resilient foundation, so your business and work-life can thrive. We help you and your team transition through success and integrate emotional sustainability, fulfillment, and structure to your work environment.

Your work and life share a commonality: you. What if you could be open, vivid and adventurous, while also making the salary you deserve? This is your place to be you.

Maybe you’re wondering what you want to be when you grow up, planning for a career transition, stuck or scared of what’s next, this is the place for you to slow down, observe where you are, and make sure you create a path that works for you, so you land in a good spot during your career leap.

Find your direction, write your story. Integrate who you are with what you do .

We help you clarify your vision and goals, while guiding you toward action, so you can rise up like a badass phoenix.

You’ve been working towards this for so long. Then why do you feel overwhelmed? Simultaneously lonely and burnt out? Unsure of where to go from here? Whether you’re managing more people, confronting new hurdles, figuring out a new level of growth and overwhelm, or ready to integrate your life, you need a wingman.

We coach leaders to transform themselves and their organizations, acknowledging that the inner work is the foundation for the outer work of leadership – managing and influencing relationships, stakeholders and outcomes.

A successful leader is a social influencer, confident in their ability to instill competence and trust. Our leadership coaching is founded on the premise that great leaders are self-aware and lead from a place of resilience, transparency, curiosity, and vision.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t – and offer our clients a personalized arsenal of techniques, resources and training. Through this work together, we empower you to be a leader who makes conscious choices while integrating your own needs and vision, the needs of the organization – and the needs of the people you lead.