Business Coaching packages 2019

I gained more clarity around the who, what, and where of my business (the nuts and bolts) and how to reach my audience .
— Michelle Gage, Hela Wellness

You have a great idea (or 20) for a business, but you need to pay the rent — how do you find the time to start a side hustle? Maybe you like your 9-5, but it’s not your passion. You’re juggling it all and trying to find your voice in the overwhelm. We get it. We’ve been there too.  

Stop second-guessing yourself or getting stuck in imposter syndrome. It’s time to get the support you need to get started. We call it “confidence.” We call it “getting going.” We want to help you find your integrated hustle.

The Side Hustle Startup Package helps you make a plan, take action and get going.

You’ve established a bonafide startup and are on you’re way.
Whether you’re hustling your way through a Seed Round or overwhelmed with workflow during a Series A, B or C, you need a wingman who understands the pain points of growth.

Burnout is a bitch, and it hog-ties a lot of those startups you never heard of (because they died in development). We want to help you create an integrated and emotionally sustainable business.

The Entrepreneur Accelerator Package positions you for growth, success and an integrated work-life.

You guys are so great! I couldn’t have asked for more supportive coaches. I felt like you were genuinely invested in me and my company. Even when we didn’t have a meeting, I would still receive check in emails on my progress and I really appreciated that ongoing encouragement.
— — Monique Brown, Affirmation Culture