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We’re Ami & Laena.

Photo by our dear friend, Ian Hartsoe of  Hartsoe Photography .

Photo by our dear friend, Ian Hartsoe of Hartsoe Photography.

Multiple degrees, a handful of prestigious careers, half a dozen startups, 2 kids, lots of travel, and countless knockdowns later, we’ve learned how to get up. Again and again.

Now we coach women to do the same.

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Take action, and get going.

Navigating the growing pains of personal and professional transition and ambition is hard.

We are not fearless, but we have learned to be brave.
— Ami & Laena
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Start your business like a boss.


You don’t need to do it alone.

Join friends, colleagues, a community of women entrepreneurs and leaders.


why our classes, trainings, and workshops are awesome…

I really enjoyed the class. [It gave me] More clarity, a push, some tools to help me move forward.
— Kaveri Joseph, Food Entrepreneur
I am trying to find a new professional path [and this class] was engaging and comfortable. I left feeling motivated to take the next steps.
— Kelly DeAngelis, Attorney and New Entrepreneur
Although I’m early on my side-hustle journey, I found this class to be extremely helpful and engaging. I felt like the class was a practical but inspiring perspective on starting a side business.
— Isabelle, Photographer and Entrepreneur
The whole class was very accepting and unjudgemental. Anyone in any step of their process could come and gain something. [The class gave me] Inspiration, camaraderie, the motivation to keep at the baby steps.
— Kelsey Steinhauser, Photographer and Aspiring Entrepreneur
I was very impressed with Ami and Laena. I found the exercises very revealing and the one page business plan especially helpful.
— Anonymous, Crafter and Aspiring Entrepreneur
Strong back, soft front, wild heart, can’t lose.
— Laena