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We’re like an external HR and professional development team for savvy solopreneurs and emerging companies.

We help businesses launch, evolve and grow by supporting the people who run them. We coach founders and employees at all levels to help teams and organizations achieve breakthroughs through the marriage of EQ and hard skills. Our clients solve strategic, leadership, operational, and cultural challenges resulting in better work-life integration and an improved bottom line.

We’re Ami & Laena.

Multiple degrees, a handful of prestigious careers, half a dozen startups, 2 kids, lots of travel, and countless knockdowns later, we’ve learned how to get up. Again and again.

Through private coaching and group trainings, we teach you to do the same.

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Ami Watkin

Co-founder of Integrated Hustle, and a corporate attorney, big-law survivor, Georgetown certified leadership coach, bilingual, ardent traveler, side hustle textile entrepreneur, who loves to network.


Laena McCarthy

Co-founder of Integrated Hustle, and a serial entrepreneur, educator, former professor, food brand ambassador, mom to two small humans, small-business HR pro who loves to connect and motivate.


Our Clients

You are freelancers, consultants, artists, small business c-suites, solopreneurs, small teams, designers, startups, armchair entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and your most valuable asset is you.


Our approach

Think of us as therapists and counselors for your life at work: learn how to lead with efficiency and heart, define and protect your culture and values as you scale and get the support you need.

When founders, solopreneurs, teams and organizations are clear about their purpose and strategy, aligning who they are with what they do, then achieving daily breakthroughs is the norm. Through a combination of management consulting, coaching, and leadership development — what we call “holistic HR” — Integrated Hustle unlocks the full potential of scrappy businesses.

Payroll, insurance and benefits? There’s an app for that.
The emotional roller-coaster of business and growth? We’re the humans for that.


What we do

We partner with you on big decisions, help founders and leaders navigate the challenges of getting started (with a new business, new project, new direction), mediate partnership challenges, help you define the “why” and why me” of your business strategy, support leaders in delegation and collaboration so that their businesses can grow, create a positive “yes, and” culture, develop systems to onboard new employees armed with EQ from the get-go and more.



You’re an individual human - aka, it’s just you and your big ideas.
We work with entrepreneurs in the early stages of business, established and hustling solopreneurs, employees within established companies and full-time freelancers.

Results you can expect:

  • Consistent action on the big things you’ve been wanting to do (and can never seem to cross off your to-do list).

  • Career development, career change and transformation.

  • Improved communication and collaboration with your colleagues, clients and everyone else in your life.

  • Business evolution and growth.

  • Training and support to create the space for the work that you really want to do.

  • Clarity about the precise value you bring to your work.

  • True understanding of the work that gives you energy and the work that zaps it.

  • Development of boundaries that support you and everyone you work with.

You’re a team of humans - small businesses, partners, startups, firms, NGOs, nonprofits, teams within bigger organizations.
We work with teams to make every aspect of work better.

Results you can expect:

  • A clear strategy to leverage the collective expertise of your team to maximum effect.

  • Improved self-awareness and psychological safety within all team dynamics – the most critical factors to effectiveness.

  • A vibrant culture that supports innovation and creative problem solving.

  • Employee engagement in support of short and long-term organizational goals.

  • Communication that works – a culture of asks and offers, collaboration and agility in the face of shifting demands.

  • Growth and expansion driven by core values and intention.

  • Leadership in every dimension.

  • Vertical and horizontal development through the adoption of trainings and skill development that meet the real needs of your team.

  • Steady and strategic transformation.

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Start your business like a boss.

In this fantastic guide you'll learn the basics of starting a business with a strong and protected foundation, so you can get started with the real work of building a career and life you love.



Podcasts, interviews, etc about Integrated Hustle.

Read & listen here.

We are not fearless, but we have learned to be brave.
— Ami & Laena

it’s brass-tacks meets whoo-whoo

Our work opens people up emotionally & creatively. Curious what’s in store for you?

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“Strong. Smart. Empowering. Encouraging. ”



“Excellent (quality), super valuable and lots of fun!”



“I gained more clarity around the who, what, and where of my business (the nuts and bolts) and how to reach my audience .”

Michelle Gage, Hela Wellness


“I really enjoyed the class. [It gave me] More clarity, a push, some tools to help me move forward.”


I was able to really iterate on the plan that I was taking for my business. Through their guidance I learned a lot more about the different tacks I could take, and which one was best for me. They also gave me motivation to keep going forward, which is always very helpful.
— michael krulwich, beverage entrepreneur
The experience was lovely and invigorating.
— Angela Clark, Co-Owner, Mala: Yoga Run Core
You guys are so great! I couldn’t have asked for more supportive coaches. I felt like you were genuinely invested in me and my company. Even when we didn’t have a meeting, I would still receive check in emails on my progress and I really appreciated that ongoing encouragement.
— Monique Brown, Affirmation Culture
I learned that “starting” isn’t as scary as it sounds. I have a hard time motivating myself if I don’t see a clear goal; your workshop helped me realize that it’s ok to just start and see where it takes me.
— Helena Spadacene, starting a creative side hustle
Wanting my job and the way I earn my living to be more in line with who I am as a person.
— L.T., New creative solopreneur
It was inspiring and eye opening.
— Ellen Carranza, new entrepreneur
I am trying to find a new professional path [and this class] was engaging and comfortable. I left feeling motivated to take the next steps.
— Kelly DeAngelis, Attorney and New Entrepreneur
I have been planning my business since January and was looking for a class like this to get information and also to make sure I was heading in the right direction.
— K.P., starting a Nonprofit
Although I’m early on my side-hustle journey, I found this class to be extremely helpful and engaging. I felt like the class was a practical but inspiring perspective on starting a side business.
— Isabelle, Photographer and Entrepreneur
I loved it. The information was exactly what I needed right now....
— Anonymous, starting a lean business
The whole class was very accepting and unjudgemental. Anyone in any step of their process could come and gain something. [The class gave me] Inspiration, camaraderie, the motivation to keep at the baby steps.
— Kelsey Steinhauser, Photographer and Aspiring Entrepreneur
I was very impressed with Ami and Laena. I found the exercises very revealing and the one page business plan especially helpful.
— Anonymous, Crafter and Aspiring Entrepreneur
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Strong back, open arms, wild heart, can’t lose.
— Laena